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KCC Deputation before council   December 16, 2013


I am Tom Allen representing the King Chamber of Commerce.  Tonight I would like to make a few comments about the budget for 2014. 

The budget exercise is incredibly important in that it is all about ensuring the financial sustainability of the Township is solid.   As such, we would encourage a balanced budget at the end of the exercise so there is no increase in debt due to ongoing operations.


Let us focus in on the economic portion of the sustainability plan.   Our local economy with particular emphasis on the agriculture sector, tourism and village prosperity is key to the overall sustainability of the Township.   In October Council approved the Community Improvement Plan that was presented by Economic Development.  We supported these plans in principle in October and today we support spending on these plans as an important priority for 2014. 


As well, development of the tourism sector is deserving of funding.  Our location makes us a great destination for what some call ‘small t’ tourism; the day trip type of activity.  We have a many festivals and event in the Township that could be leveraged to help the tourism sector.  Economic Development should have funding to develop this support in 2014. 


Again this year the King Chamber of Commerce is interested in publishing a third annual business directory.  This publication supports the ‘shop local’ mindset by providing a very easy to use resource for residents to connect with local businesses.


One other area that is important to the business community is the ongoing improvement and maintenance of our infrastructure.  I see additional funds being focussed on infrastructure which remains a high priority.


Overall the annual budget exercise clarifies priorities.  While you will have heard and will continue to hear requests for additional spending we urge Council to keep a keen focus on the financial sustainability of the Township.



King Chamber, fire department

help make kids’ spirits bright

 By Mark Pavilons
Youngsters in King will be smiling this Christmas, thanks to toy collections in aid of the Nobleton Christmas Drive. The King Chamber of Commerce held its annual Christmas lunch last week, collecting toys for the drive. King Fire and Emergency Services gathered up the donations and will donate them to the Nobleton campaign, which supports needy families across the municipality.
Nobleton Christmas Drive has been going for almost two decades, thanks to Mary “Mimi” Buchanan.
She does this without much fanfare, according to Chamber president Lucy Belperio. It’s a pleasure for the Chamber to support these families.
King fire chief Jim Wall said Buchanan is “an amazing lady” who’s a real “trooper.” Firefighters collected 50 toys from the recent Christmas in King City event, and they’ll add those to the Chamber donation.
“You make us look good,” he told the audience. “We just deliver the toys.”
While the numbers vary, there has been as many as 30 children o Santa’s list. This year, there are roughly 20. Their priorities include outerwear, clothing and toys. At this point, Buchanan said they need monetary donations the most, including gift cards. The money allows her to “purchase exactly what we  need.”

For more on the drive, contact Buchanan at 905- 859-5456, or email her at mimi_girl)93@hotmail. com.






International flavour abounds at Il Giordano Toscano  November 12,2013

By Mark Pavilons

                                                                     Patty Fleetwood King Chamber. Mayor Steve Pellegrini, Councillors Deb Schaefer and Peter Grandilli joined  owner

Lorenzo Lorenzini, staff and local patrons for  the o0fficial ribbon cutting for Il Giardino Toscano  restaurant in Nobleton .

You just can’t bring the beautiful scenery of Tuscany to King Township.
But you can create a welcoming atmosphere and serve up some international dishes with a European flare.


That’s the goal of Il Giordano Toscano Ristorante, and owner Lorenzo Lorenzini.
The veteran in the hospitality industry, Lorenzini is optimistic his new venture will be quite successful. And why not?

Lorenzini is backed by more than 30 years in the hotel and restaurant industry, where he’s served two to 2,000 in fine style. He’s outgoing and passionate about the evolution of his new restaurant. The native of Florence, Italy, received his hotel training in England and went to work in London’s core. When the 1981 recession hit, Lorenzini decided to take the loss and move to Canada. He was ready to leave his mark on his new home and came ready to invest. He worked for some well known Toronto hotels before opening the very popular Barolo restaurant which he operated through the 1990s. After his eatery closed in 2005 he went to work for the Hilton. When the Nobleton restaurant (formerly Daniel’s of Nobleton) became available, Lorenzini dove right in.


He’s spent the last two months revamping the eatery, making it comfortable, inviting and friendly. While it’s not Tuscany, little reminders of the Italian countryside abound. When you build a restaurant, you build a clientele. Lorenzini pays attention to every detail. The menu is a definite crowd-pleaser. While it concentrates on traditional Italian dishes of pasta, fish and veal, food-lovers can also sample some exotic dishes such as roasted quail, caribou, buffalo and rabbit. You’ll also be tempted by the baccala (dried salt cured codfish, served Florentine style), or their chicken supreme, (Ontario grain-fed free range chicken with mushrooms in a light white wine cream sauce).




Lorenzini said he’s flexible and will keep an eye on just what customers want. The quaint restaurant seats 45 and there are plans to expand the bar area. Next summer, Lorenzini will open a beautifully decorated outdoor patio, licenced for 61. The property can also accommodate outdoor events.
The tasteful decor is complemented by a nice wine list, which includes some top brands from Italy, Canada, France and Australia.
Lorenzini plans to open daily from 4 p.m. to midnight and again, should demand arise, he’ll alter his schedule to accommodate Sundays and lunch crowds.

Il Giordano Toscano (Tuscany Garden) is also ideal for parties, functions and gatherings. Keep them in mind as the holidays near.
King officials and members of the community will join in welcoming Il Giordano Tuscano on Saturday, Nov. 16 for their grand opening and ribbon cutting.


KCC Deputation before council for Community Improvement Plans   


Good evening Mr Mayor, Counsellors, and staff. My name

 is Tom Allen and I am here on behalf of the King Chamber of Commerce to comment on the Community Improvement Plan framework that is being

presented tonight.  The Chamber of Commerce is encouraged to see this work come forward.  Last year there was some very good work completed for the Economic Development Strategy.  To go from strategy to results, however we need to break down the strategy into  projects and processes, then take projects to a tactical with specific tasks that will in turn achieve results. The results of an economic strategy are to have a viable local business environment.  We all want a vibrant  business sector as the providers of products and services that are convenient and as the creator of jobs, again, that are convenient by being local.  The CIP framework that is being tabled will enable

work, be it community beautification, improvements to infrastructure, or other


incentive to ensure business interests align with our broader community interests

In tonight’s submission staff have outlined a process for improvement project to occur.  I like the approach with broad consultation.  While

this is becoming widely expected in the actions of local government it is good to see this approach articulated with the CIP plan.  As well,

as part of the drive to see business attracted to King, retained in King and expanded in King providing the staff with similar tools to other

jurisdictions is good to see.  I see Jaime has included a comparison of other local municipalities with similar programs.  I also like the emphasis on encouraging brownfield re-development.  Knowing the attitude of so many residents in the Township about development

the emphasis to re-using brownfield sites is to be commended.


When I look at the maps that are part of tonight’s submission it reminds me a bit about the fairy tale of Goldilock.  One map is too big, a second one too small, and the third one is just about right.


The King City area is rather large given the location of today’s businesses, the Schomberg area is about right for its concentration of business but the Nobleton map is a little tight.  I would hope to see the Nobleton boundary expanded to include more of the area along county road 27 as business has evolved from the traditional corridor along King Road to more businesses locating along 27. 


The structure of a CIP will provide flexibility.  Once the structure is in place funding can be increased or decreased as fits with the many competing budget requests you see each year.  This type of program does not lead to ongoing costs but rather to an approach to support the sustainable business practices all want to see.  The King Chamber of Commerce will be happy to play a role in the consultation that is part of the CIP outlined here this evening.  This is a good step to making the Economic Development Strategy tangible.




KCC Deputation before council for

Sign By-laws.


Good evening Mr. Mayor, Counsellors, and staff.  My name is Tom Allen.  I am here on behalf of the King Chamber of Commerce to talk briefly about the sign by-law.   First, I think it is good to see the Township updating some of the older by-laws like the sign by-law.  Through discussions as part of the Economic Development Strategy we saw having current laws and regulations are important to our local businesses and will be helpful to the smooth operations of both the Township and local businesses.


There are several points that I think are helpful in the draft by-law.  For example, expanding the size of signs allowable for Real Estate, particularly in rural settings, is positive. Another example is signs for farm produce as there is a growing trend to using local food.



One key item in the by-law is the recognition of the needs of home based businesses.  I knew we had many  homebased businesses in King, however, it wasn’t until the Economic Development Strategy work that I realized it was 1600 business locations.  The inclusion of a Home Occupation section of the law is a good move.  I would ask that there be better clarity around what is accepted.  Businesses, including the smaller home based businesses, put significant emphasis into creating a brand.  A home occupation sign should be able to use a business name or logo as well as an individual’s name, hours of operations, a website, phone or email and the business sees fit.


While it does belong in law, I would hope the regulations include the timeframes with which a business can expect service from the Township on a sign permit once complete information is provided.


We appreciate the work to update this by-law.  Please add clarity for the home based businesses.


King Porter Airlines' responses to your questions stemming

from August 13 teleconference call


On August 13, 2013, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce hosted a teleconference call with the Chamber Network and Porter Airlines to discuss Porter’s expansion plans for the Billy Bishop airport in Toronto. Several questions were raised by the group after the call. We sent your questions to Porter Airlines, who have in turn provided us with answers. See the attached document.


The OCC is currently reviewing Porter’s answers.

If you have any further questions on this matter for either the OCC or for Porter Airlines, please contact Josh Hjartarson (416-482-5222 ext 2320) or Liam McGuinty (416-482-5222 ext 2380).


King Sustainability and Seneca College


My name is Nancy Belo Gomes and I volunteer with King Township and its Sustainability initiatives.


As members of King’s Chamber of Commerce, I’m reaching out to you to ask you if you know of any businesses in King who would like to have a Seneca College student study their business from a sustainability perspective. Attached is a course outline.  Ted Tom is the professor of the course title “Exploring Environment Relationships” of which sustainability is one component.


I’ve recently confirmed with Prof Ted that the time commitment required from the entrepreneur/business owner or manager would probably be one interview of about 30 minutes and a follow up, possibly by email, phone or text. The business involvement would essentially be to simply make someone available to the student to interview and to provide any information regarding the company’s sustainability policies or actions. Seneca may also provide the business with a copy of the student’s final project plus his/her class presentation


I think this is a win-win situation.  The business owner gets free sustainability advice and the student gets to apply his/her college education to a real life “client” situation. The school is looking for 10 businesses.  I’ll be volunteering my own family business – Port Soiree Restaurant in Schomberg.  So, that means 9 more to go.


If you know of any businesses who would be interested please let me know as soon as possible since I have to get Prof Ted a list ASAP.


Here is an excerpt from the course outline regarding the sustainability project:


Sustainability Project (Applied Research) & Presentation – 30%
Students may choose from a number of applied research topics around sustainability. This project is intended to be a semester-long, in-depth study of one aspect of sustainability that is of interest to the student. Students may choose to perform a self-study, a business audit, a community or campus evaluation, or other. Research projects have to contain an element of applied research in addition to traditional literature review. Students are expected to produce a 10-minute PowerPoint (or other multimedia) presentation of their focus, methodology, key findings, and recommendations for future research. Peer review will be a part of this grade calculation.


Kind regards,

Nancy Belo Gomes, CPA, CA, MBA,  Senior Manager, National Tax ,KPMG LLP

Bay Adelaide Centre, 333 Bay Street Suite 4600, Toronto, Ontario M5H 2S5, T 416 777 8270


King explores economic development

King Connection, by Simon Marin

If you live in King Township, you likely don’t work there.

One in eight residents actually work in the municipality.

The municipality has released a 130-page economic development report to figure out how to attract more businesses to King.

With less than 13 per cent of township revenues coming from non-residential taxes, it is imperative the township brings in more jobs, the report stated.

There is a plan and vision of how the township will move forward, Mayor Steve Pellegrini said, adding the report puts building blocks in place to help develop business opportunities.

A lack of serviced employment land, limited broadband capability and high land costs are reasons businesses continue to shy away from King, the report stated.

The report championed the importance of creating viable economic environment, which struck a chord with chamber of commerce vice-president Tom Allen.

“The key thing is they are saying the town is open for business, but I don’t believe that is the perception out there,” Mr. Allen said, emphasizing businesses want things done in a timely manner and that takes a certain amount of municipal co-operation.

With 87.2 per cent of the township’s revenues coming from residents, its small population base has put a significant burden on its fiscal framework and the township is running an eyebrow-raising $1,349 debt per person.

That means, to pay off the debt, each resident would have to pay $1,349.

To put this in perspective, Caledon runs at $352 surplus per person.

Aurora runs at $958 surplus per person and Stouffville is at $599 debt per person.  

It is not all doom in gloom, though.

The report outlined four goals: investment readiness, a commitment to community and sustainability, a culture of entrepreneurship and a strong innovative rural brand.

There were many steps outlined to achieve these goals, including creating a corporate gateway to the community, leveraging the post-secondary presence of nearby Seneca College and enhancing broadband capabilities.

It is important to work with the more than 1,400 home businesses in the municipality to show off the township’s rural character, Mr. Pellegrini said.

Chamber looks to partner with Township for  
business  development coordinator

The King Chamber of Commerce is looking to partner with the Township of King to acquire a business development coordinator.


Lucy Belperio, president of the Chamber of Commerce, made a presentation at the Dec. 10 council meeting to propose the joint venture as the township deliberates the 2013 budget.


According to Belperio, this would be an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the chamber of commerce and the township to better serve the business



“We now propose the hiring of a business development coordinator for the KCC so that we can drive business development and engagement success,” said Belperio. “We are asking you to financially support this role. The business development coordinator role could become funded by the chamber in the longer term as the business expansion and retention activities drive membership.”


As part of the budget, the chamber is asking that the township earmark a $50,000 fund in 2013 to establish a Chamber of Commerce business development coordinator to work with

the business developer to advocate for King. Some of the duties of the coordinator will be to ensure timely engagement on business issues regionally, tactically drive the local

business expansion and retention efforts, seek funding available from other levels of government for the business environment and increase the King Chamber’s membership so that future government funding would not be required.


“As well, the individual would increase the chamber presence within both the community and government activity and, importantly, would work to build and maintain a strong connection between you, us and our local business

community,” Belperio explained. “The

mission of the King Chamber is to foster a healthy, sustainable and environmentally responsible business environment.”


One of the major roles of the coordinator would be to bring tourism into King through the Pan Am games, N6 (Northern 6 municipalities) activities and tours or day trip initiatives.

“We see economic opportunities for the

tourism business in King as we approach

the Pan Am games in 2015,” said Belperio. “We know that the headwaters communities to the west of King are planning to be involved with the Pan Am

Games in order to benefit their local

businesses. We would like to be equally

active during this time, but at this

time we have no paid staff to dedicate to this opportunity.”


Belperio said the chamber of commerce

recognizes and appreciates the Township’s support and assistance to date.


“As we look back at 2012 a key component of our work has been effective engagement with the township administration and government,” noted Belperio. “One great success that came from our working together this year was the publication of the business and community directory highlighting the new King logo and giving local residents a comprehensive listing of the local businesses that are here to serve

their needs. Another change this year is the strengthening of our relationship with the Township by having your economic

development officer attend our meetings on a regular basis.”


Belperio added the Township is

demonstrating their commitment to having an effective business environment

with the launch of an economic development strategy review.


“I believe this project has been tendered and we look forward to the development process and its results,” she said.


The chamber could, however, use more

support from the Township in the form

of a business development coordinator.


“Our chamber is comprised of

volunteers from the local business community whose time to engage on some of the ongoing economic issues

is limited. These people care a great

deal about our community and they regularly contribute their professional skills and a lot of hours of their personal time in order to facilitate a financially healthy King Township,” said Belperio. “The Township has advocated on behalf of this industry. 

We now look to you for funding to match that advocacy. We look forward to working together to further support the business community of King.”


Belperio concluded by telling council that

King is the only chamber in York Region

to not have a paid executive such as a president.


The presentation was received by council and referred to budget discussions.

King Weekly Sentinel Dec 12,2012
By Angela Gismondi


King has no money for chamber help: mayor

The King Chamber of Commerce wants the township to step to the plate and help it hire a full-time business developer.

This person would be responsible to the board and would go to a lot of
engagements during the year, chamber president Lucy Belpeiro said, adding it would be someone to further develop strategies for the future.

The chamber needs financial help to

get the project started, Ms Belpeiro said, suggesting $50,000 annually, with the intention to make it significantly less through the creation of ongoing revenue.

Mayor Steve Pellegrini applauded the

chamber for the initiative, but said the

township is not in a position to help right now.


From his perspective, the township

already has someone who does this job in economicdevelopment officer

Jamie Smyth and Mr.Pellegrini

called for the chamber to work more

closely with Mr. Smyth on achieving its goals.

“In an ideal world, we would get the

money. We had to ask. I don’t know what the outcome will be,” Ms Belpeiro said.

Dec19, 2012 Simon Martin,

Chamber lauds member donations

The King Chamber of Commerce would like to thank all of the members and guests who attended our 2012 Christmas Luncheon. In particular, we would like to thank Mayor Pellegrini for joining us and sharing some of the Township’s current successes and plans. He was speaking to a full house, as we had more attendees this year than ever before, and he did a fantastic job of addressing and showing support for all of us.

To all of our attendees, the highlight of the day was your thoughtful and generous contributions to our annual toy drive. We want you to know that your gifts have made a wonderful difference right here in King. Mary Buchanan, from the Nobleton Christmas Drive, wrote to say “This gift of so many toys is so overwhelming for us. The generosity has been unbelievable. My heart is so full of joy for these kids and their families. I am not sure I will ever be able to fully thank you for the joy you have brought to not only me, but more importantly to these families.”

We are very happy that the generosity of our business community has provided help to the community as a whole, and we are very impressed by your strength and your continuing thoughtful support.

This Christmas luncheon was a wonderful event that allowed for a coming together of many different people from our community; long-standing members, guests, and new members all took the opportunity to step away from their day to day responsibilities and enjoy a casual festive atmosphere.

Thank you Cardinal Golf Club for the wonderful Christmas lunch, and thank you members, for your continued support and for putting aside your considerable work and economic concerns in order to come and celebrate the holiday season with the larger business community here in King Township.

From the King Chamber of Commerce, have a wonderful holiday season. We look forward to working with each and every one of you in the new year.                             

King Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce members respond with numerous donations

At the Chamber’s annual Christmas

luncheon last week, members donated

a significant amount of toys to the Fire

and Emergency Services. These will find  their way into the hands of needy children in Nobleton, through the Nobleton Christmas Drive.

Lucy Belperio Adam Foley Fire chief Jim Wall













“I’m humbled and grateful for the amount of toys our Chamber can contribute to families  in need,” said president Lucy Belperio.

Fire chief Jim Wall said they’ve been

involved with the Chamber for the past

seven years and the toys will be 

distributed by the Nobleton Christmas 

Toy Drive, which has been run by Mary

Buchanan of Nobleton, for the past 17 years. Mary has been wheelchair bound

for the past two years, and the charity has suffered because


she has been unable to get out and get donations. The Chamber stepped in this year, to help, and what a job they did. Jim and his firefighters delivered the toys to Mary after the lunch. Mary was

overwelmed by the generosity. Thank you to everyone that attended this event.


Mayor Steve Pellegrini spoke at the luncheon saying that there have been many milestones in King in 2012, including the creation of the businesMayor Steve Pellegrinis retention and expansion plan. The Township is in the midst of its first economic development strategy. The mayor encouraged Chamber members to provide their input to Jamie Smythe, economic development officer.

As partners, the Township and Chamber are proud of the 2012 business directory, distributed to households recently.

He praised the efforts of Chamber board members and he once again urged everyone to shop locally.

By Mark Pavilons, King Weekly Sentinel

Raffaele’s Cantina

holds ribbon cutting

The newest addition to Nobleton – Raffaele’s Cantina – held its official ribbon cutting.  November 29, 2012

Cutting the cake to mark the occasion were Mayor Pellegrini, Raffaele and Louie Maietta

Councillor Peter Grandilli, owners Louie and Raffaele Maietta, Mayor Stev
e Pellegrini and Patty Fleetwood, King Chamber Board Member.

Photos by Mark Pavilons

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