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Chamber Supporting Our Members  - September 23, 2014

Dear Chamber Directors,

My family and I would like to express our heart felt thanks for supporting Pioneer Brand Honey with our sign issue. In the short time my BUZZ hives have been at the corner of 27 and the 15th we have experienced a huge influx of new business. Many residents have told us they add to the fabric of our community and are not simply sign pollution.

Of all the public support we received none was as important to us as having the chamber of commerce At our backs. We were really starting to feel down on this issue, like our own township did not appreciate what we bring to the table. When i heard Patty Fleetwood was making a deputation i knew council would finally take us seriously and we felt legitimized with our concerns. Even with all the public support we received we felt alone in this struggle until you stood with us.

I have been a member of the chamber for many years and if I think back it was Patty that encouraged me to sign up. It can be difficult to convince yourself to spend anything extra when starting out especially when the pay off may take time. Membership can be a little like insurance, you may not realize how important it is until you need it. You have a life member in Pioneer.

We look forward to working more closely with you in the future.

Thanks again


André Flys
Pioneer Brand Honey and Maple
416 807 2253, andre@pioneerbrand.ca  www.pioneerbrand.ca

May 03, 2014 King’s e-waste collection day a hit 

Tom Allen, president of the King Chamber of Commerce (right), gets some help from friend Rob Black collecting electronics waste for recycling during the community event Saturday at the Trisan Centre in Schomberg. Photo by Jeff Doner

 New Chamber president continues to make strides  by Mark Pavilons

Building on the momentum and efforts of the King Chamber of Commerce,
its new  president intends on increasing its reach and network.

According to president Tom Allen, the recent Excellence in Business Awards dinner allowed the Chamber to recognize some new businesses such as John No Frills in Nobleton and

some well established businesses like Robert B Sommerville and Zanders Sod.

“There are many local businesses that do a great job in supporting customers and the broader community and it is wonderful to be able to highlight a few each year,” he said.

Also in 2013, the Chamber increased its engagement with the Township. One of the best examples of this engagement was the consultation on the sign bylaw, particularly as it affects the 1,600 home-based businesses in the Township. Allen explained in the first version of the bylaw, an individual could put up a sign for their business, however, the permitted information was quite limited and included the individual’s name rather than the business.

“Businesses put a lot of effort into their branding so we engaged both staff and politicians of the Township and the law now allows a sign to have a business name and business logo,” he observed.

Allen said the Chamber’s key priority for 2014 is to increase the networking opportunities for local businesses. Each year the have several events which bring people together.

“For 2014 we are looking to be more systematic in creating these opportunities every month.” 

The Chamber’s membership has been stable over recent years and the board plans to grow this year by increasing the networking opportunities and continuing with their advocacy on behalf of business.

The Chamber fulfills a couple of key roles in King.

“First, it is a mechanism to bring people together. Our events are intended to bring business people together so they can meet new people and reconnect with existing acquaintances,” he said.

Last year, they started specific industry focussed events with their “Cultivating Connections” event focussed on the agricultural sector.

This year, the Chamber will continue both general and sector focussed events.

“Second, we can play a role in advocating for local business with the municipal staff and politicians; be the voice of business in King,” Allen pointed out.

Allen is impressed by the new Chamber board, noting he likes the diversity.

“We have people from several industries from hospitality, to construction, to retail, to financial services. This breadth gives the board a good understanding of the industries in the Township and the diversity helps in creating linkages across industries,” he said.

This is Allen’s third year on the board. His
first was as a regular board member and last year he served as vice-president. 



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