“I feel the networking opportunities are a primary Incentive to becoming a member of the King Chamber of Commerce.  Just recently I was                approached by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce to speak about my business. They were offering to feature my company, TaLii                            Towels. There was a caveat to this which was that I needed to be a member of a Chamber. I was very fortunate and I was proud to say that I              am a member of the King Chamber.”                                                         

Lisa Iafrate, TaLii Towels

            "Being a member of the King Chamber of Commerce has been, and is still is, a very rewarding experience. We have developed many great                 business and personal relationships as a member. The staff and the board work tirelessly to ensure the concerns of business are                               understood and heard at the local level. Keep up the great work."   

Michael Yordanou, Nobleton Lakes Golf Club

            "We are proud to be part of the King Chamber of Commerce ever since we opened our business here in Nobleton. Helen has been                             extremely helpful with any concerns we have had. We have always felt welcomed at the networking meetings and we have obtained                           valuable advice from some of the more established business owners in Nobleton. Despite being a relatively small and new business we are               growing steadily and we are grateful for all the support and guidance from all members of the Chamber of Commerce."           

Kashif, Nobleton Guardian Pharmacy


           "Being a member of the King Chamber of Commerce has allowed me to connect with local businesses that I might not have met otherwise.                My membership has kept me apprised of local happenings that are relevant to my business. Being a member also affords me the                                opportunity to network and stay connected to my local business community and plays an important role in my business."

Lucy Belperio, King Print & Design

            "Seneca understands the benefit of staying connected to the thriving business community in King Township, which is why we continue to                     support the King Chamber of Commerce. Thanks to King's diverse businesses, many of our students and graduates find employment close               to home. We're also proud that our King Campus serves as a resource for communities across York Region as an academic and                                 recreational destination."  

Corey Long, Seneca

            "I have been a member of the King Chamber of Commerce since opening my Business in Nobleton in 2012. The Chamber was invaluable to              me as a New Business owner, they provided information and contacts to assist me with any questions or concerns I had ,and were always                  helpful in directing me to the best resource or the  answers I was seeking. The networking events hosted by the Chamber provided me an                  opportunity to meet and build relationship with other Business owners in King township, and the local civic Leadership. I was impressed by                the commitment and genuine desire of the Executive board and other Chamber members to not only, offer this assistance to the Business                  community, but also to get involved in helping many causes and events throughout the Township which benefit the Community at large.  I                  am a firm supporter of the Chamber, mainly because it's good for Business, good for the Community and provides many opportunities for                 Personal Development and meaningful  involvement,where we work, live and play."

John Ciarallo, John's Nofrills, Nobleton"

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