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07 Mar 2022 9:00 AM | Anonymous

When the pandemic hit the world, small businesses were one of the most affected sectors. This applies to King Township too. The good news is you can contribute to the community by shopping locally in King. Want to know its benefits, how you can do your part, and what stores and businesses you can explore in King? Keep reading!

Shopping Local and Its Benefits

Given the different restrictions and protocols from the pandemic, more people are encouraged to shop local. Proximity makes it quick and convenient to get the things you need. If you want to ensure safety and prefer not to go out, local online shops are available too.

Shopping local is also a way of helping businesses stay afloat while thanking them for the services they provide during these tough times. This form of investment makes a huge difference in your community as more businesses may open and grow.

By shopping locally in King, you can help create more job opportunities. Many people got laid off because of the pandemic, but supporting local businesses also opens doors for job opportunities and the local economy.

How To Support King’s Local Business Community

Thinking of ways to help King’s local economy? Similar to these small businesses, you can start small but make a huge impact on the community with these actions:

Choose Local Businesses Over Large Chains

Instead of choosing major chains when purchasing your needs or wants, try exploring local businesses in King. One great advantage is that you can find the best deals at these shops. Whether you’re buying fresh produce, clothing, accessories, or home decor, you can find high-quality products that give the most bang for your buck.

Maximize Your Social Media Media Platforms

Given that most people are on social media, take the opportunity to promote local businesses in King on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. Share your experience about the local shop’s services and products with your friends online. Then, leave high ratings and positive feedback on the shop’s social media channels.

Shop Online and Try Takeout or Delivery Services

You can also support King’s local businesses by ordering through their online shops. Take advantage of giveaways and special offers, and encourage your friends to check out these online stores too. If you want less interaction outside and still enjoy good food with your family at home, choose takeout or delivery.   

Businesses and Industries You Can Find in King Township

Whether you’re inside or outside King Township, several impressive local spots and businesses activities are waiting for you, including the following:

      Restaurants: Paper Crane, Raffaele’s Cantina, Hogan’s Restaurant, and Pizza Nova,

      Shops: Vintage Peony, Black Forest, Cottage and Crown, and Kid’s Country

      Groceries: Coppa’s Fresh Market, Cousin’s Market, St. Phillips, Foodland, and Cappuccino Bakery

      Local Food: Pine Farms Orchard, Pioneer Brand Honey, Beretta, and Marque’s Family Farm

      Activities: Spray Lake, Olde Mill Art Gallery & Shoppe, Holland Marsh Wineries, and Redcrest Cardinal Golf Club

Shop Local in King Today

Patronizing local businesses in King not only gives you convenience but also allows you to support the local economy and help provide more job opportunities. Whether you’re looking for local food, top-notch restaurants, or recreational activities, you can all experience them at King. Shop local today, and help build a stronger community!

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